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Mice Pointers

These photos may not represent the cursor you will be getting. We are working hard on matching them although they are all pretty!

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How To
1. Click on the Amapola image of choice and save to the Windows Cursor Directory at path:
2. Click My Computer then click  Control Panel
3. Double click Mouse icon
4. Click on the Pointers tab. Highlight Normal Select, then click on Browse to choose the cursor you saved in step number one.
6. Click on Open, then OK Mailing List

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Guestbook Entry
Dear Idol, I want to sing professionally and travel around the world on cruise ships like you did. Can you please tell me where to begin? I don't have professional experience but I am a good singer and have sung on school plays and programs. I would like to sing onboard cruise ships. What is your advice please. Thank you very much. I welcome any advice from you. Love from a fan, M.Q.
Response to this letter is found on Cruise Gigs webpage. GO

Why don't you share your comments, exchange views, music and photo files and share information ? We would love to publish it for you here or on the site. Email Webmaster


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Mga Artistang Bisaya Greeting Cards...Go!
The Truth About Working On Cruise Ships...Go
Amapola.Net recently opened a small selection of Amapola gifts and souvenirs as requested by some diehards. We hadn't sold anything except CDs before but after numerous requests, we were able to find who accomodated our needs. Thanks!
Photos & Autographs
For autographs and autographed photos please email
Denise R. Leigh
Shipping & Handling Fee Charge $3.50

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Thank you for your kind words on emails or guestbook entries. I also thank you for your visit today. What's new? Two exciting projects we are looking into for 2003. The publishing of a novel I have been kicking around since 1997. It is fiction that I wrote onboard ships when I had cabin fever. I'd to out to the deck, grab a chaise lounge and start scribbling on my journal. Little bits and pieces became a manuscript and soon I was holding a viable piece of fiction. It should be published by next year as we hurry to edit and re-write this year. You will hear from me in on this website. Hope all is well. Go and dig up some of your writing and publish it! Love to all, Amy
Email Amy

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